McFarlane Toys Releases Images Of Their New DC Multiverse Line… And I want them

maxresdefaultRecently McFarlane Toys released images of their DC multiverse line, and well, let’s just say that preorder option is looking mighty fine.

7 inch figures with 22 points of articulation, they are perfect for the closet nerd, outed nerd and budding toy photographer,, not to mention the resident toy hunter who has to share his toy hunts on instagram *ahem*

Nightwing, Batgirl, and The Batman Who Laughs each come with a piece to assemble a 7″ Rebirth Batmobile, which looks cool even if it’s not to scale. If you’re after a vehicle that is to scale, there’s also the Bat Raptor trike, which is a foot long and seats one figure (sold separately).


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